Regent Organs

Without doubt our most prestigious and admired organ, the Regent range take it place at the helm of our digital offering. Designed and constructed using the very best in craftsmanship and faithful attention to detail, the Regent combines the majesty of the ancient pipe organ with the forefront of modern technology, serving as both the ultimate in true organ sound and a timeless thing of beauty in its own right.

By using our incredibly accurate audio reproduction and mighty reverberation effects, the organist and audience can truly experience the magnificence of the pipe organ within a technologically superior and utterly reliable instrument. With a seemingly inexhaustible selection of fully customisable settings and parameters, you can store, quite literally, hundreds of new registers through our intelligent, front display console.

Features of the Regent Range at a glance.

  • Designed completely with the organist in mind, in terms of comfort, playing experience and technological aids. Each and every draw stop, toe piston, stop tab, and thumb piston is placed with this at the forefront.
  • Our experts will accurately voice your instrument in its ultimate location in order to optimise the acoustic within which it will sit. Additionally, its inbuilt Physis® technology allows the organist to adjust the balance of individual stops to their preference.
  • Thumb piston rails and draw stop knobs are solid wood, giving the ultimate playing experience with the reassurance of inbuilt strength.
  • Each instrument is individually craftsman-aged, coupling the durability of modern materials with the provenance and history synonymous with the King of Instruments.
  • Performances can be recorded through an inbuilt, powerful MIDI sequencer and replayed at the touch of a button or stored on a portable USB.