Chorum Organs

Our Chorum range of instruments combine affordability with quality and technology to provide a superb solution both for home use and in church settings. The ability to add external speakers makes the range even more flexible and able to meet the requirements of the most established player.

Using sampled sound technology, the Chorum range faithfully reproduces the sound of a traditional pipe organ, whilst further offering a huge wealth of additional functionality, such as Auto Pedal, voicing controls and both Divisional and General thumb pistons.

The Chorum range at a glance:

  • Authentic pipe organ sound at your fingertips
  • Select your preferred style from English, Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic, complemented by a comprehensive range of building acoustics
  • Our experts will accurately voice your instrument in situ to your individual style and taste, still allowing you to adjust scaling and balance of stops as you work with your organ to create your own sound.
  • All Chorum organs feature an intuitive LCD display, in order to set your own parameters for your individual sound.
  • A completely tailorable instrument: a choice on the first manual between piano and harpsichord, with other manuals having the choice is between Bells, Harp, Celesta, Choir, Slow and Fast Attack Strings and Pan flute.
  • Performances can be recorded through an inbuilt MIDI sequencer and replayed at the touch of a button or stored on a portable USB.

Chorum 20

Chorum 40

Chorum 50 Deluxe

Chorum 60

Chorum 90

Chorum S40

Chorum S50

Cadet 21D