About Us

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, synonymous with tradition and craftsmanship, The Cotswold Organ Company is the coming together of the work of passionate music scholars, the application of state of the art technology and the very best in bespoke craftsmanship.


Local Advice, National Capability

We work in unique communities, with the “king of instruments” at the very heart of their history, culture and buildings. Our customers are rarely corporate institutions and neither are we. We are proud to be part of every step in the selection, procurement and installation of every instrument and offering expert, ongoing support for all of our installations. We are aware that, often, funds for instruments are hard won, with congregations and donors coming together to raise funds for their new instrument. With this as our primary focus, The Cotswold Organ Company seeks to provide the very best advice in choosing, installing and voicing every individual organ and ensuring that the instrument will perform to the highest standard for generations to come.

Our Team

Following 12 years as Managing Director at Viscount Classical organs, and having seen the company develop and grow from strength to strength in an increasing number of marketplaces, the opportunity arose in 2019 for Cotswold Organ Company Managing Director, Jeremy Meager, to return to the part of the organ world closest to his heart: providing expert advice and completely bespoke installations.

As an ex-cathedral chorister, music scholar at the Royal Northern College of Music, and an established church and recital organist, Jeremy’s passion for organs runs deep and extends to every installation in which he is involved.  He and his team of independent organ advisors and installers, themselves also church organists in the main, share a joint mission to serve the religious and scholastic communities, understanding their aspirations for their new instrument and the long term needs of their institutions.


Strong Ties

The Cotswold Organ Company continues to benefit from working closely with Viscount Classical Organs and has strong ties and relationships with the team at Bicester. This enables us to deliver the most technologically advanced solution with voicing technology that perfectly replicates the sound and structure of the pipe organ. Bespoke installations allow us to preserve and utilise these historic instruments within the build, including the facades and even, in certain cases, the existing console.

Of course, in any building that houses an organ, the most part important part of the instrument is the acoustic of the space in which it is placed. We visit every institution or religious building ahead of making a recommendation, in order to give the very best advice as to how your instrument can be installed to create the perfect sound and to get the most from your budget.  


Our Mission

We have one very simple mission: to give our community the best advice in sourcing the right instrument for their needs and ensuring the highest quality, bespoke installation and ongoing support.

Contact us on 01905 381482 or email advice@cotswoldorgans.co.uk for free, expert advice to assist you in finding the perfect instrument for you.