However good your organ of choice, we have always believed that the true opportunity for your instrument to really shine lies in the installation. Meticulous planning, bespoke craftsmanship, engineering expertise and expert voicing all play a part in making the acoustic come to life and deliver a sound like no other.

In his 12 years as Managing Director at Viscount Classical Organs, Jeremy was responsible for overseeing installations, working hands-on to ensure a premium installation and taking responsibility for voicing the instrument. His work in developing the English organ sound for the manufacturer has enabled Jeremy and his team to continue to develop new, bespoke voices for a wealth of instruments and deliver ground breaking solutions for the industry.

We are immensely proud that, in addition to our own installations, Viscount UK continue to use us for installation, voicing and ongoing aftercare of their organs, including highly challenging and high profile projects

Upgrading an existing instrument can completely revolutionise the sound of your organ and Jeremy and his team ensure that upgrades are specified and implemented with the exact same attention to detail from which our new installations benefit. We are on hand to advise and assist in every aspect of upgrading your current organ, from new voicing arrangements to sound system upgrades.

Jeremy’s installation and voicing work has taken him as far afield as the installation of the brand new organ in Wellington Cathedral, New Zealand. At home in the UK and Ireland, the below map shows some of the new organ installations that Jeremy has carried out over the past three years for Viscount UK.