We accept part exchanges of older instruments for new ones so, from time to time; we do have a small range of Used Organs available for sale. When we have these in stock, we will showcase them here. If you would like to receive an email alert when we get a used organ in, please fill in your email and name below to receive these.

Viscount Prestige V

Manuals: 2 x 61 note keyboard
Pedalboard: 32 note radiating concave pedalboard
Expression Pedals: Swell Pedal, Crescendo Pedal
Transposer: Transposes semi- tones -6 / +5
Pistons: Six settable pistons,to swell great and pedal + 6 general piston
Loud Speakers: 1 Woofer 2 Mid Range 2 Tweeters
Amplifiers: 3 x 80 watts
Colour: Dark Oak
Console Dimensions: Width 124cm Height 116cm Depth 67cm (with pedalboard) 100cm approx

£3,125.00 inc VAT  plus delivery & installation NOW SOLD

Prestige 5 specifiaction

Hugh Banton/Bradford Moving Drawstop organ

Rebuilt in 2009 by Hugh Banton and has three external speakers (and a pipe case if interested!) Bradford BEST system.
Excellent condition and a full complement of playing aids including toe pistons. Midi out can be added at cost.

£4250 inc VAT plus delivery & installation – please ask for a quote

Spec – Hugh Banton draw stop organ

Phoenix 2-Manual Moving Drawstop Digital Organ

Phoenix digital organ dating from 2005 and using sample-based technology. Moving draw stops, full compliment of pistons and wooden-core keyboards. 4 external speakers and a bass subwoofer. Comes complete with voicing programme, headphone sockets, full Midi.

Spec – Phoenix drawstop organ

£4450 inc vat, ex delivery NOW SOLD

Viscount Chorum S40

An 18-month old Chorum S40 organ still in immaculate condition built in a light oak vinyl case has just become available. It would make an excellent home practice instrument or could be installed in a small to medium sized church with external speakers added. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK and a comprehensive external speaker system can be supplied and installed by professional organ technicians.
Full details can be found elsewhere on this site at – https://www.cotswoldorgans.co.uk/chorum-S40/

£ 4,950.00 incl. VATNOW SOLD
■ A compact console allows this comprehensive instrument to fit into the tightest of spaces
■ 2 x 61 note tracker touch keyboards, velocity sensitive for orchestral and midi voices
■ 30 note radiating concave pedal board
■ 31 tilt tab speaking stops
■ 4 fixed organ styles (English, Baroque 1, Baroque 2 and Romantic)
■ 17 alternative temperaments
■ USB pen drive and internal recording facility
■ Great and Pedal expression
■ Swell expression pedal
■ 6 general pistons
■ Sequencer Prev – Next pistons
■ 6 divisional pistons to Sw, Gt and Ped
■ 16 capture memories
■ Auto pedal and Gt/Ped enclosed pistons
■ Keyboard inversion and Transposer -6/+5 semitones
■ Fully adjustable Tremulants (speed and depth)
■ Sw/Ped, Gt/Ped and Sw/Gt reverser pistons
■ Ped on Gt pistons combinedDisplay and Software Features
■ all organ choice and set up features
■ Light oak simulated wood veneer
■ 126cm (W) 119cm (H) 57cm (D) 112cm with pedal board
■ Weight 110kgAudio
■ Independent volume adjustment of each division
■ Independent volume adjustment of each stop
■ 3 internal speakers 2 full range and 1 woofer
■ 2 x 60 and 1 x 100 watt internal amplifiers
■ Internal 7 band graphic equaliser
■ Fully adjustable reverberation with 8 levels
■ Stereo headphone output socket
■ External outputs to 4 channels plus bass
■ Midi in-out-through

Wyvern Prelude

A digital Wyvern Prelude organ built in a lovely dark oak wooden console together with matching lift-lid organ stool and locking roll top. This would make an excellent continuo instrument for church or as a practice instrument at home.
Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK and a comprehensive external speaker system can also be supplied and installed by professional organ technicians.
£ 950.00 incl. VAT   NOW SOLD

■ A compact console allows this comprehensive instrument to fit into the tightest of spaces
■ 61 note keyboard
■ 24 tilt tab speaking stops
■ 3 voicing settings

■ Expression pedal
■ 6 settable General pistons
■ Auto Bass
■ Accompaniment and Bass volume controls
■ Transposer -3/+2 semitones
■ Independent Tremulants for Main and Accompaniment stops
■ Chorus and Reverb controls
■ Set and Cancel pistons
■ Headphone output socket with volume control

■ Dark oak wood veneer
■ 105cm (W) 91cm (H) 43cm (D)
■ Weight 50kg

■ 4 x internal speakers
■ Line in and out sockets
■ MIDI in and out sockets

Wyvern B282

Two manual Wyvern B282 Organ, in a dark oak case together with a 32-note radiating and concave pedalboard.
£1,750 incl. VAT   NOW SOLD

This would be suitable for use as a home practice instrument or in a small church setting. It contains the “Bradford computing” sound generation system with full MIDI capability so can drive Hauptwerk. The bench has a lift lid top with storage compartment underneath. The pedal-board connects simply by a multi-way plug. The organ is in full working order and dates back to the late 1990s.

■ 2 x 61 note keyboards
■ 32 note radiating concave pedal board
■ 41 tilt tab speaking stops
■ 2 set organ styles (English, Classical)
■ Piano and Harpsichord stops

■ Single expression pedal
■ 8 general thumb pistons
■ 8 divisional thumb pistons
■ 8 Pedal toe pistons
■ Great & Pedal pistons combined
■ Great / Pedal enclosed
■ Set and Cancel thumb pistons
■ 6 settable capture memories
■ Transposer + / – 4 semitones
■ Swell tremulant
■ Melodic bass

■ Dark oak real wood veneer with roll cover
■ 145 cm (W) 116 cm (H) 65 cm (D) 117 cm with bench and pedal-board
■ Weight 120 Kg

■ Master volume control
■ 4 main internal speakers plus 2 tweeters
■ Reverberation controls
■ Stereo headphone output socket
■ External outputs to 2 channels
■ Midi in, out and thru